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The centerpiece of your kitchen is your refrigerator. It keeps your meat, produce, and dairy cold to prevent spoilage. When the refrigerator breaks you can only leave the door shut just so long before everything heats up and your food goes bad. When the refrigerator breaks call Racine Appliance Repair. We can find the right local appliance repair service for you!

Our service is able to connect customers with repairmen able to fix all common refrigerator problems, sometimes the same day you call. We work quickly to find a service that can get your refrigerator or freezer up and running again right away. When the fridge goes down, call us and we’ll connect you with a prompt and professional appliance repair company in Racine.



Loud refrigerator noises cause more service calls than any other problem related to fridges or freezers. The most common causes for noises coming from a refrigerator are the evaporator fan motor inside of the freezer or the condenser fan motor. If you can, try to identify the source of the noise before you call. Then we can be sure the appliance repairman will bring the correct tools and parts to make repairs.


Professional appliance repairmen can fix refrigerator leaks. The most common reasons for a leaking refrigerator is either an issue with the door latch or closure or a broken water inlet valve. Professionals carry the necessary parts in their vans and the tools to do the job right!


When your refrigerator is plugged in and getting electricity there are two reasons for it not to start. These are either a temperature control malfunction or a broken compressor overload relay. Please ensure the refrigerator is plugged in and all circuit breakers are on before calling.


When an ice maker doesn’t make ice it isn’t very useful. The most common ice maker problems are the temperature control in the freezer, a broken water inlet valve or broken water fill tubes. When ice makers work too slowly they can make smelly ice cubes. Professionals can fix that problem as well!


Too warm and too cold are common refrigerator issues. When the refrigerator is too warm the air inlet damper is often broken. When the refrigerator is too cold the issue is usually the thermistor or the temperature control Local companies can repair hot and cold refrigerator issues for all major models and brands.


When the water dispenser on your refrigerator does not work it has to do with the water inlet valve or dispenser agitators. This is really a rare repair job. But, we can find you an appliance repair service that can do it! Local appliance repair companies carry the tools and parts to fix a broken water dispenser on Whirlpool, Kenmore, Sears, GE, Sub-Zero and other refrigerator brands.


When the door closure or latch is broken your refrigerator will leak and have condensation problems. And a broken door can cause temperature loss and spoiled food. Professionals repair seals, gaskets, and hinges to make sure the refrigerator door opens and closes correctly. A repairman can replace broken and burned out light bulbs too.